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Art classes, workshops & art parties for kids, teens and adults!

Welcome to NASH Art Club

Join us online or at our studio for a fun & educational afternoon.
Pick from painting, drawing , illustration and other lessons.


Please see the variety of classes that we offer:

Online Drawing!

Nash Art Classes provide art lessons for students online. Every time we will create inspiring and interesting projects. Drawing characters from a famous online game? Creating holiday  cards?  Making the fairy tale world with unicorns and fantastic creatures? Join us online !

Online Class

Academic Drawing & Painting Course

Nash Art Classes provide art lessons for young budding artists who want some serious instruction in academic drawing and painting. The course includes introduction to art history. Students will be able to learn the basics of drawing perspective, still life, portraits and composition.

Arts, Crafts, Sculpting and more.

Your young artists want to reconnect with a few friends who they don't get to see in person during an engaging structured setting where we learn to use different materials (watercolors, acrylic, pencils, markers, clay ...)?

Art Class
Digital Sketching

Illustration, Manga, Design

At this course you will learn digital drawing, bookmaking, illustration, manga and design basics. These skills will be useful for people who want to become designers one day or just interested in a modern world of design. Students will also learn how to draw anime and how to draw manga, easily and professionally.


Do you want to make your party unforgettable and engaging? Invite a professional artist to engage your guests in fun and useful time spending while creating an art project. It can be a canvas drawing, batik, lino cut printing, decorating wine glasses, decoupage and many more activities from the list! Enjoy your party, have fun and create !

Party Balloons
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